AYI With Eye Security VR Headset 3D Glasses 360 Hd Immersive Virtual Reality Helmet, Video clip Activity Controller 4K No Particles VR Device, 3D Show Good Eyeglasses Iphone Samsung Household Theater,Vrglasses

Price tag: £111.36
(as of Jan 10,2019 19:11:09 UTC – Specifics)

Guarantee: 12 months suitable system: ANDROID Blackberry MIUI Symbian WindowsMobile iOS
Baidu Cloud OS Alibaba Cloud OS
Company: Shenzhen Erzizi Technological innovation Shade Classification: [Blu-ray VR glasses + viewing handle]-[Business20° panoramic view, thinner and lighter VR glasses, high-quality shocking headphones, private exclusive theater, watching movies, and animations are more intimate.
Not limited to mobile phone models, 4 to 6.2-inch mobile phones can be easily put into 6F, three-dimensional shock effect, extraordinary. You can answer the call.
3D giant screen theater, super large viewing angle, panoramic viewing angle 112 °, IMAX cinema level effect, fly out of your imagination.
360° panoramic experience, playing a variety of games is more exciting, more realistic, stereo headphones, the game’s shocking experience, only to try to know.
Three-dimensional wear, fabric design, high-quality headphones, blue lens, object distance adjustment, distance adjustment, powerful function.