HEROD THE Fantastic – 2000 12 months Previous Historical Jewish Bronze Prutah Biblical Pagan Coin – Authentic Historic Coin in Very clear Exhibit Box with Certification of Authenticity – JUDEA

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Two-thousand-year-previous coin issued in the Holy Land by the infamous Herod I.

Herod I is a single of the Bible’s most complicated figures. A fantastic politician & the best builder in Jewish historical past, he was also a paranoid madman who ruthlessly executed anybody he considered a danger to his complete energy, whether or not respectable rivals, spouse and children members, or harmless babies. Crowned King of the Jews by the Roman Senate, Herod ruled from 40 BC right until his condition-ridden demise 36 decades later. A prodigious builder, Herod expanded the Next Temple in Jerusalem, of which only the famed Western Wall stays.

When Herod was in his 70s, he was frequented by “wise guys from the East” who arrived in lookup of the Messiah-the King of the Jews. Fearful of a coup,Herod divined from his clergymen that this Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, as prophesized in Micah 5:2. As a precautionary measure, he purchased the so-known as “Massacre of the Innocents,” in which all male small children in the Bethlehem region beneath the age of two have been put to death. This was both equally brutal & unsuccessful, as Mary & Joseph secreted the infant Jesus to Egypt for basic safety, only returning immediately after Herod’s demise.

Many forms of bronze prutah cash ended up minted in Herod’s title. They were all crudely minted in small portions. Most coins show only partial pictures of the authentic style aspects. Herod made an exertion to portray pagan Roman and Greek themes while at the very same time fulfilling neighborhood traditions. His patterns all prevented visuals of animate objects, so obeying the next commandment forbidding graven images. This coin is the most widespread style, demonstrating a double cornucopia and a central caduceus on a single facet and an anchor on the other. It is distinct from the earlier Hasmonean dynasty patterns. Absent is the paleo-Hebrew inscription, replaced by Greek. Also, the before types showing a pomegranate situated involving the cornucopias had been changed on Herod’s coins by a caduceus-a pagan symbol of prosperity.HEROD THE Fantastic – Ancient Judean Roman Pagan Bronze Prutah Coin
Coin is encapsulated and presented in very clear box with tale card and certification of authenticity
A two-thousand-calendar year-old coin issued in the Holy Land by the infamous Herod I
COIN: Body weight: 1.2-1.9g / Diameter: 12-13.5 mm / Obverse: Anchor / Reverse: Cornucopia – Box measures : 4 5/8″ x 3 1/2″ x 1/2″
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