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We have a successful track record helping small and large companies in sales situations. Why reinvent the wheel? Our sales and marketing templates and tools are proven and real world designed to help you do your job better. From planning, to account management, to team development, and strategy they will take you to the next level.



But, what if you don't have a mindset for success? What if you are just stuck in a rut and cannot get out of your own way? Not to worry, we also provide you with some of the best life coaching ideas and tools to help you reinvent yourself. Many of them were featured in various popular television shows, newspapers, and magazines. We are all about you being successful on and off the job...but we know sometimes they are interdependent.


The sales and marketing planning processes can be the ‘invisible culprit’ if you find your sales team is lacking clarity in their actions. You believe you have a thorough sales strategy, a skilled team and strong sales team leaders, but something hasn’t quite clicked into place. It could be your sales and marketing planning processes.

We often hear this:

  • I can’t track where my team is at in the sale; my sales team always seems to be led by the customer – they don’t know how to proactively lead the sale. I need a sales planning process that helps my salespeople know their best next step.

  • I know we need things like a bid/no bid template; sales strategy development tool; forecasting tool; reporting tool; proposal template; presentation template. But do I have to reinvent the wheel?

No, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We have put together the best proven sales and marketing tools and templates for your business.

The right sales tools improve sales productivity and success rates. Whether you use a customer database, contact management software or sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM), sales tools and templates can help you understand your customers better and market more effectively.

Fundamental Principles: We are committed to honesty, integrity and ethical practices in every aspect of our business. Our guides, tools, and templates are of of the highest quality and is carefully matched to the needs and objectives of our clients. At our core is an entrepreneurial spirit that is best characterized by tenacity, creativity and a willingness to stretch ourselves in order to achieve the objectives of our subscribers. Maximizing value for our clients is the central measure of our success. Our subscribers receive the attention of our senior professionals, from start to finish.